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Thank you for visiting the Guardrail For Sale product website of Safety Contractors, Inc.

Safety Contractors, Inc. has been doing business in Florida and Georgia for more than 20 years.  We are a family-owned company that has established a reliable reputation for successfully completing projects for the Department of Transportation, both state and federally funded.  We have also performed numerous jobs for the private sector.

Safety Contractors primarily focuses on highway construction, ie. guardrail, signs, drilled shaft foundations, and crash barriers.  Recently however, we have acquired our general contractors license and have begun branching out to the commercial building sector.

We have sold used and new highway guardrail on a local level for years, but just as we are expanding in the building division, we have decided to go national with the sales division.  We are not a manufacturer of highway guardrail or associated products and we do not supply the profesional installation industry.  Our target audience is the cattle farmer looking to contain livestock, the racetrace or mud bogg owner needing a safety barrier, or the wharehouse owner that needs a guardrail for forklift safety.  Should you need to purchase guardrail or other materials from us, be assured that you will be serviced to the best of our ability.

On this site you will find guardrail for sale, as well as any of the components needed to install the rail such as post, blocks, nuts, and bolts.  We offer new and used highway guardrail for sale.  Our inventory of both new and used guardrail is constantly changing so please contact me for an updated list of what we have available on hand, and what we anticipate coming in soon. We acquire the used safety guardrail from the numerous projects we are currently on, and past jobs that we have completed.  Thus forecasting future inventory can be tricky.  If new steel guardrail is what you seek, we should be able to accomodate you as well.  Please take your time to navigate the site.  You will find that while highway safety guardrail is what we specialize in, we also offer other products such as square and round sign post.  Please contact me via the contact page for current pricing and inventory on hand.  Steel prices are constantly changing, therefore I apologize in advance for not being able to advertise prices on the website.  Thanks for looking around and I hope to be able to service you soon.

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